August 09, 2021

Resonance Vol. 4: Caravan

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our fourth interactive music pack in our Resonance series. Vol. 3: Caravan is a collection of modular loops and stingers designed for maximum customization and reusability. The music predominantly features orchestra, choir, and various dulcimers and harps. All tracks were written and produced by composer Eric Buchholz, and feature the instrumental talents of Andrew Dunn (cello), and Kristin Naigus (English horn and whistles).

Our music packs are designed to give game developers the power of interactive music for a very low price. Using modular cue components and dynamic stem layering, flexible results are achievable with limitless adaptability.

Resonance Vol. 4: Caravan can be purchased from the following game asset stores.

  • Unreal Marketplace (Coming soon)
  • Unity Asset Store (Coming soon)
  • GameDev Market (Coming soon)
  • (Coming soon)

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